Hello, from Doug! To both of you!!!! With the beginning of our new, and much improved, website, (Thank you, Breanna!!!!!) I am feeling the desire to begin communicating with you again. I want your comments or suggestions about it, as long as you are nice!!

Today, I am expressing how grateful I am that we now have three amazing staff members, Verna Dey, our new Pastoral Care Director, Jayme Walker Hill, our Strategic Planning Coordinator, and Breanna Gabrio, our new Communications Director. I am one blessed man to have these women making my job easier and more fun.

A true serendipity in my life is that I get to work with the best church family in the whole world. I’ve never known a faith community that comes close to all the wonderful people God has blessed me with, here at the Creswell Church of Christ. This is one blessing I will never take for granted.


Doug AllisonComment