This website’s purpose is to help you know how we see ourselves fitting into God’s kingdom. This is a safe place, for people who are hurting as well as for anyone wanting to make a positive difference in our community. These posts attempt to tell you more of who we are and what we do as kingdom citizens.

In our formation of leadership, we have leaders of each ministry area, called Ministry Directors. These ministry directors work together as a team to lead the church. We meet weekly to open our lives to each other. Currently we are involved in a book study by Brene Brown, called Dare To Lead. Dr. Brown’s work helps each of us take courageous steps to be great for those whom we lead. She takes a different approach to leadership from any writer or speaker I remember. Her main goal is to help us throw off the issues within that keep us from leading well. We are studying the debilitating feeling of shame and how we handle it.

Brown states in the context of our fear of telling each other our true feelings, “If I’m honest about how I’m feeling, will I be misunderstood, judged, seen as weak? Will my vulnerability change the way you think of me or my ability?” She continues that “…these situations lead to the biggest threat to our ego and our sense of self-worth: Shame.”

Currently, our team is learning to tear off our defenses, our self-protection, throw down our ego and be transparent with each other. The question I struggle with now, is; How do I put down my armor? How do I inspire my team to do the same? Hmmmm?

 More next week…

Doug AllisonComment