JUNE 30, 2019

Middle school AND HIGH SCHOOL youth groups

Sunday, June 30th. We will be going to Get Air directly after church. Cost is $15.

Intercessory Prayer

Wednesday, July 3rd, 11:00 am, in the foyer.

Church BarBecue

Church Barbecue Flyer.jpg

Caring For Creswell Kids

Tough Box Caring for Creswell Kids.jpg

Challenge for this month is:

17-gallon tough boxes.

Needed for clothing storage at the new storage space. They can be found at Bimart and Home Depot.

plastic bottle lids.jpg

We only need 100 more pounds of plastic lids for the Buddy Bench!


Middle School 1 - July 7-12

Junior Camp - July 14-19

First Chance Camp - July 19-21

High School Camp - July 21-26

Middle School - August 4-9

For more information, visit www.grovechristiancamp.org