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The Hope Restored Project is a community-based event that focuses on helping families with school-age children to have a comforting place to call home which in turn creates a more conducive learning environment.

The community of Creswell has come together each year on the third weekend of May to refurbish the houses of two or three families. These houses are chosen with the recommendation of the administration and teachers at Creslane Elementary School. Hope Restored began as the members of one church, but quickly grew to include many of the people from the community of Creswell. The high school sends many students to help. Contractors, tradesmen, artisans, craftsmen, designers and community members with the primary talent of energy and passion come together to work on the houses. The work begins early on Friday morning and is completed by 5:00 Sunday afternoon. Through this project, hope is offered to these families. The greatest blessing is for all of the hundreds of volunteers to work as one. It is truly a magnificent event.