Change is wonderful… and scary!

Even Jesus talked about change. In Luke 5:36-39, he spoke in parable fashion, telling his disciples that people will say, “…the old is better.” We all feel that way. That’s just how we are. As long as we understand that we have this inherent aversion to change, we can look at each opportunity to do something, even when it requires accepting a new reality, and attempt to discover its merits or lack of them.


  1. Our church offices are no longer in the church building. They are at 95 South Front Street, in a 100 year old building that has previously been; a car dealership, a service station, a tire store, an automotive repair center and an automotive windshield repair shop. Now, it is The Hub, the center of our ministries, IRC, Caring for Creswell Kids, Food 4 Kids, and Hope Restored. We have plans for using the building as a center, (thus The Hub!), for helping Creswell become a better place, one family at a time.

  2. We are choosing new leadership, with more definition of responsibility for each of our prospective elders, overseers, and shepherds. New people in leadership means more diversity in points of view, more ideas of how to fulfill the commission from the Father.

  3. Rewriting of our church constitution an by-laws. Clarity of who we are, our vision and mission, our values, our strategies and measures of success or failures. Each member will have much better knowledge of who we are as a church family.

  4. Decisions of ways that our current facility meets the needs of our church body, and ways it falls short, are extremely important decisions for the future of our church.

The one thing that will always stay the same is the knowledge that nothing will ever stay the same. We are always facing change. How we react is our opportunity for growth!

Doug AllisonComment