We’re on an amazing journey! 

The church had been following the leadership of one pastor for 30 years, had employed only two secretaries for 10 years more. They’d never paid a worship leader or had more staff than the pastor, secretary and an occasional associate/youth pastor. I’d moved from a church that had eight staff members.

The church enlarged our lobby about 15 years ago. (Yes, it used to be even smaller than it is now.) They added a coffee and snack bar, bistro tables, Welcome Center, and put large plate glass walls where sheetrock and paneling had been. They built a covered entry just outside the lobby.

 Our church faced a crossroads as to direction. The leaders displayed something that I’ve never seen before, a desire to ask difficult questions, seek innovative answers and grasp the best answers, not the easy ones. They asked the church what areas of ministry were considered central to our existence. They looked for passion about a specific set of ministries and hope for us going forward. Good ministries began to be seen as the enemy of great ministries. They killed those that weren’t working and set aside others that were important but not urgent to our immediate survival.

By this time “they” were “we!” We put foreign missions on the back burner. We let leadership numbers arrive at organic levels. We worked without worrying about titles or  credit or blame. We became a cohesive team of learners.

Then came the opportunity to actually get involved in our community. Real, dirty hands, sweaty faces, fear coursing down the backbone, actual ministry with the scariest of all community members…children!

 More to come…

Doug AllisonComment